NEW: Changing Brake Pads with the CAR ASYST App

CAR ASYST Changing Brake Pads

The new CAR ASYST Version 2.5.13 is now available from the Google PlayStore . In this version you can start and finish the process of changing the brake pads on vehicles with an electronic parking brake.

Process of Changing Brake Pads

You can call up this function using “Vehicle Functions” – “Change Brake Pads”. As soon as you have started changing brake pads in the CAR ASYST App, you are automatically forwarded to “Finish Brake Pads Change”. A mechanic can now change the brake pads. In the meantime you can use your device for other analyses as it is possible to stop the particular process at any time.

CAR ASYST Change Brake Pads
Here you can find an overview of all CAR ASYST Features!

Configuration overview

In the latest CAR ASYST version, all configurations under “Recorded Data” – “Measured Value Configuration” are no longer shown as text but as an overview.

CAR ASYST Configuration Overview


CAR ASYST has to connect up to our license server at least every 30 days so a license validity check can be carried out. This process has now been considerably simplified in the new CAR ASYST Version 2.5.13. Take a look at the detailed description in our FAQs.

Optimizing connections

Bluetooth is automatically deactivated on your device to optimize the connection with your CA Adapter. The following information is displayed. It is no longer displayed if you enable the checkbox.

CAR ASYST Deactivate Bluetooth

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