CAR ASYST – Access to all important vehicle data in just a few seconds!

CAR ASYST - Vehicle data in a few seconds!

The diagnostic and test functionality of CAR ASYST is wide-ranging. In just a few seconds, you can read out vehicle data, identification data and the error memories of the ECUs!

The CAR ASYST vehicle report contains the vehicle data, identification data and error memories of the ECUs and thus delivers an optimal overview of the entire vehicle.

The following tutorial shows you how to create a vehicle report with the CAR ASYST App in seconds.

With CA ANALYTICS you can evaluate the vehicle report recorded with the CAR ASYST App comfortably on the desktop. How to load and view the vehicle report can be seen in this video.

Further functions of the CAR ASYST App

Alongside the vehicle report, measurement values can be recorded graphically or in text form in real time with CAR ASYST. In addition to measurement values, you can also record GPS data, audio files and a video. Furthermore, reading the battery history and querying the DEF, fuel and oil level are all possible over CAR ASYST. This means the various diagnostic data stored in the vehicle can be evaluated specifically. And, last but not least, individual actuators can be addressed specifically for testing purposes. With CAR ASYST you can enable and disable transport mode as well as clear the error memory of all ECUs. Service intervals can be reset with just a few clicks.

Extended area of use – OBD scan function for all vehicles

For an extended area of use, the OBD scan function is available for accessing the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system with support for modes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and A for all vehicles (regardless of the manufacturer).

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