CAR ASYST App Release 2.6.6

CAR ASYST 2.6.6 - Audi A1, A6, Q3

With Release 2.6.6, the CAR ASYST App already supports the new Audi models A1, A6 and Q3.

The new features of CAR ASYST Version 2.6.6 at a glance:

  • NEW – support of the new Audi A1, A6 and Q3
  • CA ANALYTICS Release 1.2.3
  • Usability improvements

Vehicle data of the new Audi models A1, A6 and Q3

On the market launch of the new Audi models A1, A6 and Q3, the official vehicle data is already supported by CAR ASYST for fast, mobile and wireless vehicle analysis. Click here to download the latest version.

CA ANALYTICS – Release 1.2.3

There is also a new software version 1.2.3 available for download for CA ANALYTICS containing the new vehicle data of the models Audi A1, A6 and Q3. The official vehicle data from Audi is included as a one-time license in CA ANALYTICS from Release 1.2.3 for use in CA ANALYTICS. A subscription for using the vehicle data (CARDATA) in CA ANALYTICS is not necessary.

CA ANALYTICS is the easy-to-use desktop application for AUDI TSC, after-sales service and repair shops. Data recorded on the road with the CAR ASYST APP can then conveniently be analyzed, visualized and evaluated synchronously in the clear desktop display on the PC.

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