CAR ASYST – Display the AdBlue, engine oil and fuel level in lightning speed!

CAR ASYST - AdBlue, fuel, engine oil level

CAR ASYST makes it possible to have various fluid levels displayed. App users are able to read out the AdBlue, engine oil and fuel level in seconds. Users are thus given up-to-date information what the remaining mileage is. This makes it possible to reliably estimate service dates and repair shop intervals.

Query the Fluid-Levels

After creating a Vehicle Report under the menu item „Vehicle Functions” you can read out the following information under the “Vehicle Data”:

  • Engine oil level
  • Fuel reserve
  • Reducing agent system
  • Remaining distance


Reset service intervals

With just a few clicks you can reset service intervals already read directly in the CAR ASYST APP.

Visit our website for further information about the Features of CAR ASYST.

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