CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment – 5 for 3 CARDATA Licenses

Special offer 5 for 3 CARDATA licenses - CAR ASYST BASIC Repair Shop Equipment

Buy 5 licenses of the CAR ASYST PREMIUM PACKAGE now and pay for just 3 CA CARDATA licenses instead of 5 in subsequent years! The CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment consists of 5 CAR ASYST PREMIUM PACKAGES. It consists of the following components: • … Continue reading

Use your VAS 5054A Adapter also for mobile vehicle diagnostics with CAR ASYST!

CAR ASYST with VAS 5054

With your VAS 5054 adapter you can use CAR ASYST, the tool for mobile vehicle analysis officially approved by Audi. Thus, it immediately provides you a mobile solution for vehicle diagnostics and tests on your existing Android-Smartphone or -Tablet. CAR ASYST offers the following advantages: … Continue reading

CAR ASYST 2.6.0 – NEW: Adjust Headlights and access to the vehicle data of the new Audi A7!

CAR ASYST Adjust Headlights, Audi A7

With launch of the new Audi A7, the CAR ASYST App already supports the official vehicle data. Inter alia, the current CAR ASYST Version 2.6.0 now provides the function “Adjust Headlights”. The highlights of the current CAR ASYST Version 2.6.0 at a glance: •    Vehicle … Continue reading

NEW: Changing Brake Pads with the CAR ASYST App

CAR ASYST Changing Brake Pads

The new CAR ASYST Version 2.5.13 is now available from the Google PlayStore . In this version you can start and finish the process of changing the brake pads on vehicles with an electronic parking brake. Process of Changing Brake Pads You can call up … Continue reading

CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle configuration

CAR ASYST ANALYTICS TUTORIAL - Vehicle configuration

The tutorial “CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle configuration” shows you how to create a new vehicle configuration. To create a vehicle configuration you have to know the vehicle type and the vehicle ECU details. You can retrieve the information by using the CAR ASYST APP and “vehicle functions”. … Continue reading