Adjust Headlights with the CAR ASYST App

Did you already know that you can also run the “Adjust Headlights” process with the CAR ASYST App? To do so, proceed as follows: Creation of the testing and setting conditions (as specified by the manufacturer) Turn the light switch to “Headlights” – not to … Continue reading

CAR ASYST 2.6.0 – NEW: Adjust Headlights and access to the vehicle data of the new Audi A7!

CAR ASYST Adjust Headlights, Audi A7

With launch of the new Audi A7, the CAR ASYST App already supports the official vehicle data. Inter alia, the current CAR ASYST Version 2.6.0 now provides the function “Adjust Headlights”. The highlights of the current CAR ASYST Version 2.6.0 at a glance: •    Vehicle … Continue reading