CAR ASYST APP 2.5: with vehicle data of the new high-tech flagship Audi A8 available for service and repair shop

As the new Audi A8 is launched in Barcelona, the CAR ASYST APP for Audi service and repair shop is now also ready to support the official vehicle data of the new AUDI AG flagship. Furthermore, the current CAR ASYST Version 2.5 now provides the … Continue reading

NEW languages available – Multilanguage support CAR ASYST APP!

Multilanguage CAR ASYST App

Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Romanian language (full vehicle & ECU information) are supported by the CAR ASYST APP now. More languages will follow in the next months. If you want to use one of the above mentioned languages just make sure to update the … Continue reading

CAR ASYST APP 2.0 for Audi: multi-language-support diagnostic texts, OBD scan tool function and demo version

CAR ASYST APP for Audi after-sales service and repair shops now also provides German diagnostic texts (multi-language) in the current Version 2.0. Furthermore, it offers an OBD scan tool function for a wider range of vehicles. Multi-language support The current Release 2.0 provides users with … Continue reading

Video Tutorials – Getting-Started with the app

The six different Getting-Started video tutorials explain the main functions of the CAR ASYST APP. From connecting the interface with the app to displaying detailed vehicle functions, the videos contain important insights. The next six videos explain the main functions of the CAR ASYST APP. … Continue reading

CAR ASYST components & areas of implementation

CAR ASYST for Audi, developed by Softing, is the perfect mobile system solution for automobile manufacturers and importers, repair shops and end users in vehicle development and after-sales service. With CAR ASYST, Softing is presenting an innovative and universal tool for vehicle analysis. As it … Continue reading