CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment – 5 CARDATA Licenses for the Price of 3

Special offer 5 for 3 CARDATA Licenses - Full Repair Shop Equipment

Buy 5 licenses of the CAR ASYST MAXI BUNDLE now and pay for just 3 CARDATA licenses instead of 5 in subsequent years!

The Full Repair Shop Equipment consists of 5 licenses for the CAR ASYST MAXI BUNDLE. It consists of the following components:

  • 5 x CA CARDATA (data package subscription for the duration of 12 months)
  • 5 x CA ADAPTER (VIN|ING 600 VCI for vehicle communication)
  • 5 x VAS 5054 ACTIVATION KEY (for using existing VAS 5054 VCIs)
  • 5 x CA ANALYTICS (for synchronized analysis on a desktop basis)

Opt for CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment now and benefit from our current discount promotion. You will receive 5 x the VAS 5054 ACTIVATION KEY free of charge and pay for just three instead of five CA CARDATA licenses in the following three years. This means savings of 720 € when using CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment.

An overview of your discount for CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment:

Full Repair Shop Equipment CAR ASYST

Reserve your discounted CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment now!

CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment! 5 for 3 CARDATA Licenses!You will be granted the discount automatically if you renew your 5 CARDATA licenses. You will then only be charged for 3 instead of 5 licenses.

Please note: The discount is linked to the use of all MAXI BUNDLE licenses. If one or more licenses are terminated, the remaining licenses can no longer be discounted.

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