Use your VAS 5054A Adapter also for mobile vehicle diagnostics with CAR ASYST!

CAR ASYST with VAS 5054

With your VAS 5054 adapter you can use CAR ASYST, the tool for mobile vehicle analysis officially approved by Audi. Thus, it immediately provides you a mobile solution for vehicle diagnostics and tests on your existing Android-Smartphone or -Tablet.

CAR ASYST offers the following advantages:

• Reading of vehicle data and error memory in just a few seconds
• Display of identification data
• Addressing of actuators
• Ultrafast initial analysis of errors, e.g. in service reception or in vehicle release
• Vehicle analysis with measurement data recording for vehicle and ECU tests
• Wireless solution, perfect for breakdown and emergency services

For using CAR ASYST together with a VAS 5054A adapter, you just need:

• CAR ASYST App (free of charge in Google Play Store)
• Valid CARDATA license for all current Audi vehicle data or free CAR ASYST demo key
VAS 5054A activation key (free of charge in the CAR ASYST product bundles)

Or opt now for the full range of CAR ASYST features along with the CAR ASYST Adapter VIN|ING 600 adapter.

CAR ASYST Adapter VAS 5054 and VIN|ING 600

Get further information: VAS 5054 Activation Key / CAR ASYST Adapter VIN|ING 600

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