CAR ASYST – VW and Audi partner event Hannover 2018

Our App-Team could introduce the mobile system solution CAR ASYST at the VW and Audi partner event in Hannover on February 01, 2018. The team presented the advantages of the mobile vehicle analysis app as well as the new analysis software CA ANALYTICS for comfortable … Continue reading

NEW: Changing Brake Pads with the CAR ASYST App

CAR ASYST Changing Brake Pads

The new CAR ASYST Version 2.5.13 is now available from the Google PlayStore . In this version you can start and finish the process of changing the brake pads on vehicles with an electronic parking brake. Process of Changing Brake Pads You can call up … Continue reading

CAR ASYST – Access to all important vehicle data in just a few seconds!

CAR ASYST - Vehicle data in a few seconds!

The diagnostic and test functionality of CAR ASYST is wide-ranging. In just a few seconds, you can read out vehicle data, identification data and the error memories of the ECUs! The CAR ASYST vehicle report contains the vehicle data, identification data and error memories of … Continue reading

CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle configuration

CAR ASYST ANALYTICS TUTORIAL - Vehicle configuration

The tutorial “CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle configuration” shows you how to create a new vehicle configuration. To create a vehicle configuration you have to know the vehicle type and the vehicle ECU details. You can retrieve the information by using the CAR ASYST APP and “vehicle functions”. … Continue reading

CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle report


The tutorial “CA ANALYTICS – Vehicle report” shows you how to load and view a vehicle report. First create a vehicle report of a vehicle with the CAR ASYST mobile application. Save the vehicle report. Now use the data synchronization function to download the saved report to your … Continue reading

CAR ASYST – Display the AdBlue, engine oil and fuel level in lightning speed!

CAR ASYST - AdBlue, fuel, engine oil level

CAR ASYST makes it possible to have various fluid levels displayed. App users are able to read out the AdBlue, engine oil and fuel level in seconds. Users are thus given up-to-date information what the remaining mileage is. This makes it possible to reliably estimate … Continue reading

CA ANALYTICS – Data analysis


The tutorial “CA ANALYTICS – Data analysis” shows you the data analysis with CA ANALYTICS.  There are two ways to start analysis: You can open a trace file by clicking the “CAR ASYST Data Analysis” tile and then selecting the folder with your data. Alternatively, you … Continue reading