CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment – 5 for 3 CARDATA Licenses

Special offer 5 for 3 CARDATA licenses - CAR ASYST BASIC Repair Shop Equipment

Buy 5 licenses of the CAR ASYST PREMIUM PACKAGE now and pay for just 3 CA CARDATA licenses instead of 5 in subsequent years!

The CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment consists of 5 CAR ASYST PREMIUM PACKAGES. It consists of the following components:

• 5 x CA CARDATA (data package subscription for the duration of 12 months)
• 5 x CA ADAPTER (VIN|ING 600 VCI for vehicle communication)
• 5 x VAS 5054A ACTIVATION KEY (for using existing VAS 5054A VCIs)

Opt for CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment now and benefit from our current discount promotion: You will pay in the following three years for just three instead of five CA CARDATA licenses and receive 5 x the VAS 5054A ACTIVATION KEY for free. This means savings of 720 € when using the CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment.

An overview of your discount for CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment:

CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment

You will be granted the discount automatically if you renew your five CARDATA licenses. You will then only be charged for three instead of five licenses.

Please note: The discount is linked to the use of all of the five PREMIUM PACKAGE licenses. If one or more licenses are terminated, the remaining licenses can no longer be discounted.

Reserve your discounted CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment now!

CAR ASYST Basic Repair Shop Equipment! 5 for 3 CARDATA Licenses!Optional and additional the desktop analysis software CA ANALYTICS enables the simple data transmission and synchronization of recorded data between your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) and a desktop PC/laptop.

For your optimized vehicle analysis, CA ANALYTICS compiles the synchronized display of video, GPS and selected vehicle measurement data, which then can be viewed and compared conveniently.

You are interested in the CAR ASYST Full Repair Shop Equipment, which in addition contains CA ANALYTICS? Read more about it!

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