CAR ASYST power user of the month: Leontin Briciu, Gohm + Graf Hardenberg, Konstanz

Leontin Briciu (deputy manager of the repair shop/diagnostic technician at Gohm + Graf Hardenberg, Audi Top Service Partner 2017, Konstanz) is July’s “CAR ASYST power user of the month”.

Hello Mr. Briciu, congratulations to you and your repair shop for being named “CAR ASYST – power user of the month”. Could you maybe tell the readers about the CAR ASYST portal?
My name is Leontin Briciu. I am second in command at the repair shop, a diagnostic technician, high voltage technician, R8 technician and car service technician at Gohm + Graf Hardenberg GmbH in Konstanz, Germany.

In what areas at Gohm + Graf Hardenberg do you use CAR ASYST?
We mainly use the CAR ASYST APP in the repair shop.

And what are the main areas of application and which functions of CAR ASYST do you use for them?
In the repair shop, we use the CAR ASYST APP for example for fast ECU identification and for querying the software status. It speeds up our work in diagnostics and helps us go into more detail. And we also use the app when searching for errors and on analysis road tests.

What would you say are the three most important advantages of your using the CAR ASYST APP?
First of all the graphic display of the sensors, particularly in the case of errors. Secondly the availability of a fast tester and then thirdly the fact that we can estimate time better when we commit to the customer.

For some time now you have also been using CA ANALYTICS to evaluate the app data. What can you tell us about that? Where do you see its advantages?
When components, sensors or something like that are defective, CA Analytics offers a fantastic evaluation possibility with its parallel representation of graphical/video/GPS data. However we are still missing some information and nominal values from Audi, which we need for cross-checking, that for some reason are not handed out to the repair shops.

You told us your own personal wish list would like to see the implementation of a CAR ASYST user forum that we are in fact planning to launch in the fall. What do you think are likely to be main points of interest for users in such a forum?
I would say uploading preconfigured measured value blocks is pretty important. Because everybody would benefit from that and it would also save time. I also think that just sharing experience would really benefit all those involved (it would be good to involve the TSC because of their experience). And Softing as the manufacturer of the CAR ASYST APP would be able to react more quickly to wishes and malfunctions.


What additional functions would you like our development team to come up with for the CAR ASYST APP?
Implementing voice control during analysis road tests with commands such as Start/Stop. The vehicle integration of older models would also be good. And an adapter that covers all models (MQB/MLB) would also be good. And ultimately it would also be a real benefit if login/coding II or access authorization were possible. In the case of 5F logfiles, it would be important to be able not only to read these but also to evaluate them with an evaluation tool. This would save both us and the TSC time. It would also make it easier and faster for us to be able to report back in detail to the customer. In other words 100 % diagnostics. With the graphic display in measurement mode, it would be clearer if the lines were coloured, the same as the display in CA Analytics. And a function “Cyclical execution of files” or cyclical saving would be useful for test drives so the data collected could be analyzed afterward.

Mr. Briciu – we would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us.
We wish you all the very best as a “power user” of  CAR ASYST and are looking forward to the entire month with you!


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