VIN|ING interfaces – for innovative vehicle communications

The interfaces of the VIN|ING family are oriented toward current trends. Innovative vehicle communication concepts are easy to implement with a hardware design tailored exactly to the tasks. The first two interfaces of our new VIN|ING product family, VIN|ING 600 and VIN|ING 1000, are now available.

For applications with DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol), the simple adaption to a vehicle using an Ethernet cable is already familiar.

The VIN|ING 600 was developed as substitute cabling to facilitate the desired mobility required for many areas of application. This WLAN-Ethernet bridge is a simple way of ensuring communication between a smartphone with a diagnostic app like CAR ASYST or the Diagnostic Tool Set DTS and a vehicle with Ethernet access.

The VIN|ING 1000 is designed for universal use in the manufacturing and after-sales service area. The implementation of two separate CAN channels and two K-lines in the compact and sturdy design means VIN|ING 1000 represents unique value for money. Maximum flexibility is attained with the possibility of software updates and extendibility thanks to the USB host interface which is accessible from the outside.

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